You Lied

from by Children of Orion



I waited for you by the fountain
I waited, and waited, and waited
but you never came, you never came
I guess I'm the one to blame
Did you notice when the lights were off
all the things that were wrong with me?
I guess you didn't see

Did we move too fast?
Did I scare you away?
It wasn't built to last
Only here for a day

And now I'm alone

The rising moon
it mirrored our affair
One half shined bright
the other half wasn't there
But any woman looking through
my eyes could realize the same

You Lied

First impressions are the easiest to fake
I knew you were too good to be true
I knew you were too good to be true

A terrible lie I escaped
to turn away from all that I knew
Reaching out for salvation
I thought that was you

But all it seemed
that I could glean
Was a White Knight shadow
just lost in a dream, and

You Lied

I waited here in the dark
Where are you?
My world is torn apart
I need you now
In time you'll fade away
This pain will fade away
But tell me why

You Lied


from ATYLS Preview, released December 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Children of Orion Saint Petersburg, Florida

Children of Orion are the modern day bards, regaling with tales of dying galaxies, eternal souls, and everlasting love.

They technically are a theatrical, progressive, sci-fi, alt. rock band.

Every piece of music they write is tied to a unified concept, set in a universe very similar to our own; each album is its own
story arc, with stories overlapping each other.
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